The Great War on Prithvi - A Book Fusing Science Fiction and Mythology



"The arrow started spinning around its vertical

axis and was a magical white lance. Then it

started spinning in a different direction and was

a white, mesmerizing disc. Now it spun in all

directions and was a bright white pulsating ball.

A nuclear time bomb.

A mini-sun."


Prithvi: A mysterious parallel and beautiful world with no science and religion, but fantastic astras (or Mahabharat style missiles)

Vishnu Shastri: A confused directionless 16-year-old finds himself pulled into Prithvi.

Guru: An ageless astomi and a mysterious astra expert, who throws up more questions than answers.

Shakti: The beautiful, evil and demented, Prithvi’s foremost assassin.

Duryodhan, a megalomaniac king bent on taking over the world and forcing a destructive World War, the planet’s eighth, but potentially the most dangerous.

The Great War on Prithvi: A roller coaster ride full of twists and turns…


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About the Author

Sunil Rajguru is a journalist based out of   Bengaluru. This is his first published book,  though he is in the process of writing many   books on multiple genres. Rajguru is a regular writer for websites like Rajguru has worked for the Hindustan Times newspaper and website, CyberMedia’s Living Digital magazine, the Centre for Science & Environment and   market research firm IDC India.

If all goes well, then he will ultimately convert this into a series of seven books with the second one being…

Vishnu Shastri and the Day of Doom.


Reviews on the book

What if Earth had a quantum twin?
(The philosophy behind the book)
Alternative realities. Parallel Universes. The multiverse theory. Constructing astras and pushpak vimans. The rule of gods…
India Today’s

A unique mythological experience. Definitely worth a read.

The spacing of the sentences in the pages actually quickens the pace of the reading. Short, sharp sentences. All statements. Almost like in bullet point style.
The New Indian Express

Beautifully written, against the back drop of Mahabharata. I liked the way the author drew parallels from two different times like past and present for developing Vishnu’s character. His character is complex yet relatable. New but old.
Kavis Take


GET RS. 50/- OFF by using the Discount Code



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